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Intern Insight: Alexis Maroney

Alexis Maroney- Marketing Intern

Alexis Maroney- Marketing Intern

Alexis Maroney is a Junior Psychology major with minors in Studio Art and Management at Wilkes University. She is also the Marketing Intern at the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce for the Spring 2015.


Where are you from? 

I grew up in Phoenixville, PA, right outside of King of Prussia. I now live in Wilkes Barre, PA

Where are you going?

After college I plan to pursue a career in Industrial or Organizational Psychology and marry my fiance.

Why Wilkes-Barre?

I only applied to Wilkes University and Wilkes alone. I chose to go to college in NEPA because I really enjoyed the location Wilkes U was placed and the community that is developed in Wilkes-Barre. I chose my major because I did a bit of trial and error and realized a combination of psychology and business was the perfect match for me.

What are your thoughts on Wilkes-Barre?

My first impression of Greater Wilkes-Barre is how beautiful the architecture of the buildings here are. Most people I met from this area talk often about the various parks and Sheetz. I will remember this area most for the amazing college experience it gave me.

What are you involved with on campus?

I am currently a Resident Assistant as well as a Orientation Leader for First Year Students, along with both of those positions I am also Parliamentarian of the Psychology Club at Wilkes.

What would allow you to settle down in Wilkes-Barre?

I would settle down and live in NEPA for the rest of my life if there were options for jobs for me. I also wish someone would open a Wawa in Wilkes-Barre.When it comes to working in NEPA, unfortunately industrial and organizational psychology is not a large field.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy reading and writing. When the weather permits I love to go snowboarding. I also have a cat that I enjoy watching Netflix with when I can.

What are your plans after you graduate Wilkes?

I will be graduating  with a Bachelors in Psychology. I will be going to Mesa, AZ to get my Master’s in Business Administration directly after I graduate, and will be able to obtain it in about a year because of the program I am in. Perhaps the field will have grown by then and I will be able to return and work in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you could create your dream job, what would it be?

If I could create my dream job, it would be traveling the world and consulting for businesses, which actually is a real thing but it’s so hard to get into. This will be involved with industrial and organizational psychologist as a consultant.


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Presidents of Wilkes University and Kings College Join Together for Distinguished Speaker Luncheon

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ​Rev. John Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., President, King's College; Wico van Genderen, President and CEO Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber; Peter Danchak, ‎Regional President, PNC; Michael E. Dennen Senior Vice President, PNC; Patrick F. Leahy, Ed.D.  President, Wilkes University​

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ​Rev. John Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., President, King’s College; Wico van Genderen, President and CEO Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber; Peter Danchak, ‎Regional President, PNC; Michael E. Dennen Senior Vice President, PNC; Patrick F. Leahy, Ed.D. President, Wilkes University​

Breaking new ground for the downtown, Dr. Patrick F. Leahy, President of Wilkes University and Rev. John Ryan CSC, President of Kings College gave insight into their institutions’ ventures for improving the city of Wilkes-Barre. On Thursday, February 19, 2015, at the Westmoreland club, more than 50 community and business leaders met to hear about the improved relations between the two schools. This dialogue, hosted by the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Speaker Series, gave many local business leaders and opportunity to ask the presidents questions in an open panel. The panel allowed both school presidents to make an impact on the businesses in the downtown area. Talking about the improvements and the expansion of the schools allowed the local businesses leaders to see the direction the schools will be going.

It is clear that mutuality and teamwork is a cornerstone to the relationship between the schools leaders. When asked about the event, and what Rev. John Ryan took away from it he happily stated;

“I think this dialogue reinforces good feelings and good ideas. Our destinies are linked. The well being of the city is what brings us all together.”

President Leahy felt that a mutual commitment with Father Ryan will lead to success.

“I am delighted alongside Father Ryan in stating our continued sustained mutual commitment in the redevelopment of the downtown, which can honestly be one of the great college towns in the US.”

President Leahy had spoken on a positive outlook for the area.

“Our efforts in the future will be a benefit to all the residents of Luzerne County and the benefit of our two colleges. It will be much more attractive for the students from our schools to come downtown.”

Moderating the panel was Wico van Genderen, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber is excited to connect academic, business, and community leaders to hold important discussions.  We must leverage the capital that exists – right here at home – to bring bold, exciting advancements that improve our region through strategic investment and partnerships.  Dr. Leahy, Fr. Ryan, and their respective institutions are prime examples of this practice,” said van Genderen.

Opening the event was Peter Danchak, Regional President of PNC. PNC sponsors the Distinguished Speaker series and is an active member of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce. The Diamond City Partnership co-sponsored the event.