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Britton HeimBritton Heim is a Sophomore Entrepreneurship Major and a leadership studies minor at Wilkes University. He is also an intern at the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber for the Spring of 2015.

So tell us a little bit about you Britton…

I’m a Ford guy, I like to be outdoors, I love music (mostly metal and rock, but all music), and I enjoy tattoos.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Rebuck, PA, which is in the middle of nowhere Northumberland County. After college I plan to start my own businesses and become a serial entrepreneur. I work for my father’s company, Heim’s Disposal, I am an independent marketing consultant with Ambit Energy, and I am also part of a group of students in the process of starting a business. I am also the President and Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurship Club at Wilkes University.

Why Wilkes-Barre?

I almost went to college at Montana State University because I have relatives there and I love it out there. I chose to go to college in NEPA could see myself at Wilkes University more than Montana State. I love it at Wilkes and I can’t imagine being at any other school.

How did you choose your  major?

I was originally going to go for management and take over the family business, but I came to realize that what I really wanted was to create something of my own, not just take over what was built. So I chose Entrepreneurship to learn some of the skills I’d need in the business world in hopes of preventing some mistakes along the way of creating my own businesses.

When you look at Wilkes-Barre, what are your impressions?

Greater Wilkes-Barre is a nice little place that is slowly improving and seems to get better every year. I had two teachers in high school that attended Wilkes, both talk about how it was then compared to now. Both attended before Wilkes-Barre had its “downfall”, so they often talk about the stages Wilkes-Barre went through and what was there then that’s not now and what we have that they wish they would have had.

What do you hope your future looks like?

I want to get up everyday and do what I love, which is what ever business venture I have myself set on at the time. I would love to open a few different businesses and help economically develop not only Wilkes-Barre, but other areas like it.

If you could create your dream job, it would be…?

Owning a business based around creative problem solving and innovation. I would love to be hired by big companies to think outside the box for them and come up with new, fresh ideas to help them innovate and reach new markets, which most managers and executives have a hard time doing.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I would like to have a business established and be prepared to step into the real world with confidence, and I believe I am on the right track!

Government Affairs Committee plans survey, workshop series

The Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee met recently at WBRE-TV.  Elizabeth Graham, 2015 Board Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the mission of the committee and her dedication to supporting the committee’s decisions through the Chamber’s board.

Joseph Boylan, Vice President for Economic Development, then spoke about the future collection of data from the Chamber members about what topics are most important to them, so that the committee knows on which issues they should focus. There was a brief discussion about the highlights and improvements needed to be made in planning the Annual Legislative Breakfast held in October.  Boylan then introduced the concept of the Legislative Roundtable Series to the committee.

As the first order of business, Boylan spoke about the future collection of data from the Chamber members.  The committee discussed the use of a short survey to narrow down the legislative interests of the members.  The survey was discussed in great detail as to length, format, topics to be included, and strategies for distribution.  The committee members agreed on a rating-style survey in which Chamber members would rank each issue by the level of importance the issue was to them.

The Chamber hopes to discover which issues affect its members the most, so the Chamber can make better decisions that will help the most businesses in the area. This survey will be the first step to making the committee a better, more member-focused committee seeking to improve the area in the best ways for business.

Also included in this survey will be a question as to whether Chamber members want legislative updates available to them via the Chamber website.  This is a project into which Boylan believes will benefit the members greatly.  Among the information looking to be included in this section of the website are bill texts and summaries, the record of local legislators’ votes, the position which the PA and the Wilkes-Barre Chambers hold, and the legislative calendars.  These sections are believed to be the most pertinent information for local businesspeople.  The sections voted to be important on the survey will be included on the website in the future.


The Annual Legislative Breakfast will be held in October again in 2015 The Chamber is also currently working on the construction of a Legislative Roundtable Luncheon Series.  This series would involve Congresspersons individually speaking to small groups of businesspeople in the Wilkes-Barre area about topics in which they specialize.  The Chamber is currently compiling a list of committees for each Congressperson and a list of businesses related to the committees of which the Congress people are ranking members.  These Roundtable Luncheons will be this spring 2015.

The Government Affairs Committee is comprised of a group of Chamber members who debate current legislative topics to determine the best course of action for the community. The Committee Chairpersons are Robert Bee, Vice President and General Manager of WBRE, and Carmen Magistro, Senior Relationship Manager, Vice President at M&T Bank.  Membership on the committee is open to managers from Chamber member businesses. For more information contact

THROWBACK THURSDAY: 1926 Wilkes-Barre Chamber Offices

1926: Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber Offices on Market Street in the Citizens Bank BuildingCLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW IT FULL SIZE!

Throwback Thursday takes to a print image we found in our archives of the Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce and Farm & Credit Bureaus’ old offices. This image was not dated, but a few visual clues in the photo helped, especially the calendar on the wall… it’s 1926!
2wideJanuary of the year in the photo started on a Friday on that calendar and a historical calendar confirmed it. So now we know it is 1926 for sure.

Now where is this office located? In the same zoom, if you look out the windows you can see “National Bank.” There are only a few places this could of been, but this made our work easy as well!

Go HERE to google street view and you can make out that the current PNC Bank as this same building. So now we know we’re on market street. These windows are in the 2nd floor of the Citizens Bank Building along Market Street.

Click to zoom in on the photo. Let us know what OTHER great things you find in this photo in the comments!