America’s Best Communities Update: Public Square History and Redesign

“The redesign is focusing on how we can keep that initial idea, but how we can adjust it so that the city doesn’t require as much maintenance, and people can use [Public Square] in a better way… For us, it’s an investment in how we can create a place for the next 40 years that works for these functions. We know it’s worked for the last 40 years. With a little bit of maintenance and a little bit of care, we can revamp these things, keep our history, and then design something for the next 40 years.” -Nicholas A. Snyder, AIA,┬áSenior Associate at┬áBohlin Cywinski Jackson

Watch Nicholas Snyder talk about Public Square’s original design, and how Bohlin Cywinski Jackson plans to built upon this foundation in their future redesign project.